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YATCH CLUB INVEST LTD is a registered investment company based in the United Arab Emirates.

Our company invests since 2000 in Yatch construction , selling and renting to the most wealthiest people in the world. We are now opening our investment funds to public by taking advantage of internet and e-currencies available worldwide.

As an investment company, member of a group of Companies dedicated to Luxury, Commodities and International trading , we have experienced and well reputed workers driving the whole business to the best results for our customers satisfaction.

We now offer stable and reliable investment programs that will " NEVER STOP" as we usually see in our industry. Our plans offer the most secure way to invest and earn profit on a lifetime period without fear of stopping the business.

We start with you today in order to stay with you for life !

Available programs actually are annually ones, that we will renew after 365 days with  probably better profit rate. Start with us and let's work your money for you !



Al Gharbi St. 34GP+98, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

[email protected]